Dust Control & Potable Water

Dust Control


Here at Gordon's Septic, Water and HydroVac, our water truck will provide you with a number of services.


With high-pressure water sprayers, reaching up to 10 meters in width, we can easily handle roads where dust control is needed.


Because we rarely need to make a second pass, we save time and you save money. 


Holding up to 14,000 liters of water, we can supply you with water for your needs.

This is not considered potable (drinking) water. See below for information regarding our Potable Water Truck that is Interior Health Certified for uses where the water can be consumed.

  • Dust Control 

  • High-Pressure Sprayers

  • Portable Water

  • 13, 000 L

  • 10 m Spray Width

  • Commercial & Residential 

Potable Water 

We have potable water that has been Interior Health Certified, here in Williams Lake, BC.

What is potable water?


Potable water is certified drinkable water that can be used for anything where the consumption of water is a possibility. 

We ensure that the water is tested every time for quality purposes. Feel free to ask to see the numbers.

Call us if you need a swimming pool filled; outdoor wash stations maintained; additional water added to your own system, etc. 

  • Interior Health Certified

  • 15000L tank capacity

  • Water is tested every time

  • Tank is self-cleaning

  • Safe to drink 

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