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Wash Basins
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What kind of event or space are you looking to rent the toilets or wash basins for? Make sure you let us know so that we can equip you with the right ones!

Special Events:

Are you planning a special event like:

  • an outdoor wedding

  • a festival 

  • a family reunion?


We can make sure that the toilets are gender specific for you and your guests' convenience. 

Have you considered a wash basin? Wash basins can be very useful when hand sanitizer is not quite sufficient for cleaning up at a fancier, outdoor event. 

Work Sites:


Do you need outdoor or indoor porta potties and wash basins for your work site?


At Gordon’s Septic, Water and HydroVac, we supply portable washroom rentals and wash basins for both residential and commercial sites.

What You Expect From Our Supplies:

Our washrooms and wash basins are delivered and picked up right at your location.


We also have portable washrooms that are wheelchair accessible.


Each washroom comes complete with sanitizing dispensers and toilet paper.


Our wash basins act as perfect temporary sinks and come filled with water, paper towel and soap - these are duel sided for you and your guests' convenience.

  • Thinking long-term? Ask about our rates!

  • Want multiples? We have rates for these as well!

  • Do you need them serviced more often? Let us know so that they can look and smell fresh when you need them to be!

For more information on our portable rentals, please contact us.