Septic Services

Has anything started to overflow unexpectedly? Your bathtub, toilet, washer or sink is backing up? Is sewage surfacing in your yard? You need a water or sewer line dug up? The bacteria in your lagoon or septic tank are not longer active? 


For residential services, call Gordon’s Septic, Water and HydroVac, serving the Cariboo area.


Call us when you need emergency services, regular pumping and maintenance. Inquire about septic inspections and yearly or bi-yearly service. We understand the importance of caring for your septic system in order to maintain your home’s value as well as to keep you safe and comfortable.

Our residential services include but are not limited to:

  • Modern Method Septic Tank & Disposal Field Cleaning

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

  • Bath, Laundry, Tubs & Toilets

  • Bacteria Products Available

  • Lagoon Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Line Locating 

  • Shared Travel for Groups

Fun Fact:

"Duck Weed", often seen on the surface of lagoons will kill the active bacteria by suffocating it. 

To ensure your lagoon works most efficiently, keep the surface clean of any floating debris.

Don't forget, we’ll arrive at your site with speed and efficiency if you have an emergency. That’s the kind of availability you can’t get from other companies and we would have it no other way.


Be sure to call Gordon’s Septic, Water and HydroVac next time you need fast, reliable work done well the first time.