Line Inspections

Here at Gordon's Septic, Water and HydroVac, we have many line inspection services that can help to solve your dilemma. 
Let our professionals diagnose the problem and with our tools, we'll find a way to solve it. 
We have a variety of tools at our disposal. Some include:
  • our Video Camera line that can be used to see within pipes or lines;
  • our Hydro Jetting equipment - an eco-friendly tool that uses high-pressure water to break through blocked areas; and
  • our Line Locator, that used in conjunction with our Camera, can find any broken or disrupted line so that we can then fix it! 
Please check out our Hydro Excavation Page to learn more on how we can help fix broken lines!

High Grade Line Camera

With the use of our high-quality equipment, we are able to inspect sewer lines and other pipes underground, in cement and under your home's foundation. 

This allows us to perfectly see and understand what has caused a problem with a high-resolution video camera in order to diagnose and solve any drain line concerns. The video is automatically transmitted to a viewing screen and recorded for permanent record.

Many of the problems that the camera can identify and are not limited to:

  • Root intrusion

  • Pipes that have been broken, punctured or corroded

  • Pipe misalignment 

  • An area that has collapsed

  • Any grease buildup, leaks or obstructions

Are you considering purchasing a home? You may benefit greatly from a video camera line inspection, ensuring that the sewer lines are free of problems before you move in. 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro-jetting uses a high-pressure water stream that sprays into the septic line in order to clear out the blocked area. The process is a cost-effective and an environmentally friendly solution that can be used to clear drain lines and sewer pipes.

Jetting could potentially be a solution for any of the following issues:


  • Septic system backing up sewage into your home

  • Wastewater seeping near your septic system

  • Blockage from grease, soap or paper towels

  • Saturated septic field

Line Locating

Let us help you in searching out your underground pipes, electrical lines, gas lines.

Our equipment saves time and aggravation with broken utility lines. Don't guess and accidentally dig up an area, let us find the exact location.


The device is able to locate private lines and unmarked utility lines on job site or at your home.

The multiple frequency range is handy to pin point your utility. We also use this in conjunction with the Line Camera sonde feature to verify drainage pipe routes as well. 

By using the sonde feature, it saves a lot of time diagnosing problems with buried pipes or lines.